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“If words can describe where you are … keep going.”

We love that quote, and after nearly 30 years it turns out we can describe the ICW pretty well … so it’s time to “keep going.”

In Cuba this winter we talked daily about building a plan for our next ten years. The result is that m/v Semi-Local was sold, we bought another RV, and we’re ready for some long hikes and lots of international travel!

First, we want to thank everyone for all of the friendship and support you’ve offered as we’ve stumbled through this self-publishing obstacle course together.

Second, we want to wish each of you success and happiness in chasing your own dreams, to wherever, and on whatever magic carpet you choose.

Many of you have asked, “Why shut down On the Water ChartGuides?”

The reason was pretty simple and we think you’ll understand and respect our decision. Our books, and our reputation, were built upon really-really being there. We were current, accurate, and detailed. And that will no longer be possible. So rather than milk the cash cow and sell stale info, or worse yet, become yet another of today’s armchair-cruising-Google-researching guide publishers, we shut down our Apple iBook Store and sold off the remaining print inventory.

We’re water dogs, so we’ll undoubtedly see many of you again. And as more and more of you travel to places away from shore … well, who knows?

All National Parks are on our bucket list. So is RVing New Zealand, hiking Kilimanjaro, and riding a camel at the Great Pyramid!

We’re ready with that new plan … it’s called, “Other People’s Guides.”

Mark & Diana Doyle
St. Augustine, FL
June 2016